A Student Feels the Qi


A student in a moxibustion for practitioners class explains the sensation she experiences during a 14 minute treatment for her shoulder pain.

The ancient classics state feeling a qi sensation is necessary for effective relief of pain. Listen closely for her descriptions of the sensations she feels.

She reports feeling the heat on her skin as “hot, but sort of cool hot,” then she feels a sensation distant from the heated spot and she reports “the energy flow has changed.”

Later she reports feeling the sensation “downward into the muscle.” Further on she feels the sensation “down at an angle towards the center of my spine.” Half way through she report feeling less pain.

Finally she gets up and demonstrates increased range of motion in her shoulder and she reports energy release down her arm.

I call the alternate heating and pressing on an acupoint “Moxa-Pressure” a technique I have taught for over 20 years. Recently, I have improved the method making is easier and safer to relieve pain quickly.