A Book Is Born

WARNING  sever blisters and worse can happen. Do not try without a doctors permission.

I’ve been busy since my last post March 4th. Had a lot to learn about publishing on Amazon’ Kindle, more about that later, but I did it with a little help from my friends. So, I am proud to announce my new ebook Moxibustion for Pain Relief, which introduces an ancient Chinese method of relieving pain that is finding favor with pain suffers today. Moxibustion soothes the acupoints to stimulate circulation and pain reducing hormones. Heating acupoints is a soothing way to relieve pain and it is fast and effective.

My book covers the history and health benefits of moxibustion, especially the moxa stick first written about in 1717 in China, wherein it was called the Grand Ultimate Divine Needle, or simply, The Magic Needle. The needle magically relieves pain when the burning tip of the needle is suspended over the sore spot; the needle never touches the skin.

Patients often comment, “I find the moxa therapy as beneficial as acupuncture, but less uncomfortable than needles. The moxa feels soothing and relaxing.”  See a recent post Moxibustion for Pain

The idea for this ebook came while researching a textbook for massage therapists on the use of the moxa stick. I discovered some famous teachers and practitioners who used moxa therapy in China and in the West. This surprised me in view of how little moxibustion is used by acupuncturists today. Yet, acclaimed sages praised it, often noting the burning moxa stick method is quick, safe, and effective in relieving pain. I want to raise awareness of the 300-year anniversary of the moxa stick coming in 2017.

No cure-all for chronic pain has been discovered; however, when one treatment fails to work, I try another. Moxibustion does not relieve all types of pain; however, trying it is a wise practice because most pain can be benefited. Examples and case histories are included in this book.

I have developed and currently teach a moxa-pressure technique that soothes and relieves most pain. Regular treatments have a lasting reduction in chronic pain.

Oh yes I wanted to tell about MY PAIN in publishing my book Moxibustion for Pain Relief, as an ebook on Amazon. It is expensive and that make me want to save money, do-it-myself, but ouch. I have avoided tinkering with HTML code since my first website.

However, I could not publish my book without proper formatting and I knew what that meant because in my youth I programmed with several computer codes. My book would need HTML formatting and I knew I could edit the HTML code myself, but I have avoided coding for the last 20 years. Because of a barrier I firmly planted in consciousness, my coding days were over.

So if I wanted this book published inexpensively, I would have to confront and accept HTML code. At least it’s easy to work with. Coding in the early days of computers was tedious and brain straining as was the rest of the brainwork required as a systems engineer so I was looking forward to no more coding in the healing arts.

However after starting my alternative medical career in 1983, I saw the need to write a relational database to run my office. I knew I could do it but it would be a painfully long time in my life. So when that was over, I said ‘never again.’ Oh well HTML isn’t that bad with a good software editor.

And a book is born; Moxibustion for Pain Relief tells the fascinating story of the spread of the moxa stick from east to west and the benefits this type of therapy can achieve.


Acumoxa for Pain Relief

Published in the Lotus Guide. Chico, CA. July 2011

Acumoxa Treatments: Pain Relief Without Needles

Acumoxa quickly reduces chronic pain by soothing acupuncture points with heat, rather than stimulating with needles

What Is Acumoxa?

Acumoxa is a method of treating disease developed by ancient Chinese doctors along with acupuncture and acupressure therapy. Moxibustion is the therapeutic use of heat to treat pain and weakness. The herbs called moxa come from a number of plants; they are processed for easy burning. About 300 years ago, acumoxa became popular with the invention of the moxa stick, called the “grand ultimate divine needle” or “magic needle.” The needle-shaped stick of moxa is held over the acupoints without touching the skin. Applying and removing the heat as needed is easier to teach and use without injuring tissue. Magic needle moxa therapy–noninvasive, nonscarring, and nonblistering–is most effective in relieving muscle pain and arthritis. Acumoxa is not a cure-all some health problems are relieved entirely, while others cannot be helped at all. From China, its popularity has spread to Korea and Japan, where it is a favored method of self-care. Today many smokeless methods of heating acupoints are available.

Acumoxa Today

Chronic pain has become an epidemic that is disabling millions of Americans. New ways to treat pain have not slowed the increase in the number of people suffering. Americans are now turning to ancient Asian methods for self-help methods such as acupuncture and acupressure massage. Acupressure and acumoxa provide many of the benefits of acupuncture–especially pain relief–without using needles.

A History of Healing

Time-tested moxa has been relieving pain and curing disease since the Stone Age. A survey of 33 premodern acupuncture texts–published over a 2,000 year period–reveals a cluster of health complaints for which moxibustion is beneficial; myofascial pain, infectious diseases, inflammatory disorders, and female problems.

Conditions Benefited

Myofascial disorders: Arthritis, tendonitis, low back, and sciatica

Infectious diseases; Bacterial dysentery, hepatitis, chronic bronchitis, and UTI

Inflammatory disorders: Bronchial asthma, simple goiter, diabetes, indigestion, acute mastitis, and hemorrhoids Recuperative: Stroke, adrenal depletion, incontinence, prolapsed anus or uterus

OB/GYN: Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, abnormal bleeding, and leucorrhoea