The Shutdown

The world just went through a pandemic shutdown, and I was already depressed! I was recovering from losing my home in Paradise due to the Camp Fire. I took advantage of the off time to heal my body and brain. As mentioned earlier, I started going to medical doctors, taking test, and supplements.

As I review what I have written in my blog, it reminds me how much I loved studying Chinese characters, Asian culture, and the role of women in Neolithic China. I enjoyed, learning to read and write Chinese Characters, as well as, reading books on philosophy, history, and medicine, supported my understanding.

I improved my lifestyle, went on several strict diets and I read many books on diet and health. My favorite author is Jason Fung a medical doctor who backs up his statements with references.

I loved watching Call the Midwife, a drama about a naturally dramatic event. In this series the midwives are nuns trained as nurses operating out of their convent. This is for mature audiences only and it helps to have a medical background, but the stories deal with difficult subjects in a heartfelt way.

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