I’m Back!

Every time I have a health crisis, I learn something.

I’m Back, recovering from a mental and physical health crises.
I’m still a little slow but here we go!

First, I am very grateful that I live in Chico. The North State has some of the finest facilities and professionals for diagnosis and treatments. Western medicine combined with Asian medicine has me feeling young again and ready to teach.

Because of a lifetime of teaching others, some are grateful and I received great treatments to help with my problems.

Many complementary medicine therapists in the North State have treated me in the past few years and I am grateful to all. The Chico area has a vast variety of very good healers.

Special mention to the following for their frequent fantastic sessions.

Sheryl Sanchez in Paradise, CA

Eric Schanke in Oroville, CA … author of Ashi Acupuncture

Andre Williams in Chico, CA … cupping practitioner


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