Suppress a Cough

This week, I’ve released a video that shows how to suppress a cough–I think it stands for itself how important this is. Maybe you just have a tickle in your throat, or you get a little dry in the morning. Well, now you can prevent such an unseemly bodily function from occurring all without medication.

Is it Really that Easy? Yes, there’s an acupressure point for that!

In the meantime knowledge seekers, I have an announcement below but I will get back to explaining how to suppress a cough shortly.

In light of recent events, I have decided to retire from private practice and I will be closing my acupuncture clinic. I assure you that this decision was not made lightly and I will miss, as I currently miss serving you in person.

While I won’t be pursuing a busy acupuncture clinic, I now have the time to pursue writing and blogging, continuing my legacy as a teacher of the Asian healing arts. My website, (yes, the one you are reading), and Michael Turk Asian Healing Arts will now continue to be a wealth of knowledge for those of you interested in what Chinese Medicine has to offer.

My years here in Chico have been filled with many rewarding experiences, memorable patients, and lasting friendships. It has been a sincere honor to serve each and every one of you, and I will be forever grateful that you entrusted me with your care.

I wish the best for all of you always, and in the meantime, stay tuned for fun projects to come along with my Lotus Guide so I can continue serving you remotely in various ways while passing along the knowledge I have to offer.

Kindly keep in mind that this advice about suppressing a cough is intended only for otherwise healthy individuals whom have determined based on CDC guidelines/their own medical history that it is safe for them to be around other people–Of course, you can also use this in the comfort of your home, however. If you have specific questions about whether or not you should stay home, reach out to your healthcare provider for more details.

In order to suppress a cough, many try suppressants, rubs, honeys, and all kinds of things, however, I have a solution that is completely rooted in my teachings. Vessel of Conception 22 or Vc.22, is an acupressure point that allows you to suppress a cough, which as you can imagine is incredibly useful during these times.

To reach and utilize Vc.22 feel for the gentle dip between your collarbones. If you put your finger there, and feel a cough coming, you will know you are in the right place because you will feel pressure against your finger. To utilize this acupoint, you, luckily do not need to press very hard. Just press a little bit, and soon you will feel a calming feeling move through the area.

You can also view the video below for a more visual approach to the method.

Happy knowledge seeking, and don’t forget to check out all of my social media accounts!


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