Rapid Healing Q & A

Can you help your students be able to successfully pass along the knowledge learned from you to others? How can you be certain that your students are really grasping the ideas and principles being presented to them?

In my experience as a teacher, I have found that one of the best ways to ensure the understanding of a concept, is whether or not your students are able to successfully pass along their knowledge to others. It’s one thing to explain the idea (the logic behind it) and then demonstrate it!

However, sometimes, depending on the learning style of your students, an example of how to apply the idea to daily life is just as important for solidifying that knowledge, that way we can continue passing along this journey of self discovery.

This is why I’m sharing my story with you here in the Q & A above, to provide additional insight on how I applied the usefulness of Co. 4 (which is today known as Large Intensine 4) to my broken arm. It is my hope that this will give insight on the kind of excruciating pain Colon 4 can help alleviate, and how you can apply this in your day to day life.
The best thing about Qi, aside from the benefits of stimulating it to better your life is that it’s free! Until the release of my book Pain’s Healing Secret information on how to use these ancient Chinese healing secrets simply weren’t displayed anywhere in a way that could be understood by the average reader, or as I like to call them as it pertains to my writings, knowledge seekers.
I’m confident that with the release of my latest project that is soon to come (follow me on all the social media sites below for updates) that together, more of the incredible people around us can begin living pain free lives!

If you like content like this, and you want to continue to learn more about the human body you can find me on FacebookInstagramTwitter, this blog of course, and Youtube! Click the names of the social media sites if you’d like to check these out, I’ve linked them for your convenience.


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